"WE SERVE" It Is the mission of this club to be an instrument of service to our communities, the nation and the world. The volunteer women and men members are committed to the Lions motto, "We Serve." Through a variety of fundraising activities and the resources of the membership the Club channels its efforts In a variety of programs, Including:
  • hospital equipment loans at no charge
  • free eye exam & glasses for the needy
  • support of programs for sight & hearing disabled
  • collection of used eye glasses & processing for distribution in needy countries
  • sponsoring youth programs: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, baseball & basketball
  • scholarships for local high school students
  • support of senior citizen activities.
  • public recognition of community volunteers
  • support school music activities
  • participation In community festivals: Pennington Day & Hopewell Harvest Fair
  • participation In holiday parades: Memorial Day & July 4th

As you can imagine, fund raising is a major function of the Club. As the trees begin to turn, you will find us selling the world's best popcorn and lemonade at the Hopewell Harvest Fair. Later as the chill sets in, you will find us at your front door selling fruit cakes, candy, flavored teas and coffes, and this year, cuddly, fuzzy, little lions. In between, we hold two White Cane Sales to specifically benefit the blind. May arrives and on Pennington Day we are at the Masonic Lodge on Burd Street hosting a pancake breakfast. A reminder: Every cent we raise goes directly to support worthwhile projects. All other expenses are covered by dues.

In addition to the above fundraising programs, the club has been the recipient of a generous gift from the estate of the late Edwin A. Herrmann.

The Club meets the first and third Thursdays of the month. The second meeting Is a dinner held at the the H.I. Rib resturant in Hopewell. A guest speaker is featured.

The Hopewell Valley Lions Club is centered on fellowship and this spills over into recreational time together. A visit to Waterfront Park to cheer on the Thunder is a yearly tradition as is our Christmas Dinner.


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